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UPDATE (5/19/17)

There will be a 
mandatory Parent/Student meeting for all those interested in taking the June Driver Education class.  The meeting will take place on Thursday June 15th at 6:30pm in the SSS Cafeteria.
*Both the Student and a Parent must attend the meeting together.

***Students must be 14.5 years old in order to take the class.

Please also note that the June Driver Education class will now meet on Fridays as well.  This is a change from the original schedule.

*For Information regarding Driver Education, please contact:
           Chris Boykin (
christopherboykin@johnston.k12.nc.us ) 



                Following the guidelines set forth by the Johnston County School Board of Education, all students preparing to take Driver Education must attend a mandatory Parent/Student meeting prior to entering the class.  A parent or legal guardian must attend this meeting with their child.  The meetings for all classes will be held in the SSS Cafeteria, on the Thursday night from 6:30-8:00 PM, in most cases. Please check class schedules prior to each class) prior to the start date of the class. Registration will take place at the Required Parent/Student Meeting.  NO PRE-REGISTRATION.

The following topics will be covered at the required Parent/Student meeting.

  • Driver Education Guidelines
  • Driver Education Forms
  • N.C. Graduated License Law
  •  “Because We Care”

                 It is recommended that a student enroll in a class when he/she turns 14 ½ years old to prevent delays in receiving his/her permit.  Only high school students are eligible to attend. (During the summer session, 8th grade students being promoted to 9th grade are eligible to attend summer classes.)               

                Classes during the school year will begin at 2:30 pm and end at 5:30 pm each day Monday-Friday.  Summer classes will begin at 8:00 am and end at 12:30 pm Monday-Thursdays only.

                Total cost of Driver Education is $90.  (Driver Education: $65 and 
A@25: $25)  Make check payable to Smithfield-Selma High School. 

                The dates are tentative and may be subject to change in order to reflect changes that may occur to the county school calendar.

                Any transportation issues to or from classes are the responsibility of the parents or guardians

*Note:  Although scheduled (and unscheduled) events have caused some classes to appear to have more meeting dates than others, the overall curriculum time/days for all classes are the same.

                                    General Information

The Smithfield-Selma High School Driver Education program provides experience to help the students to use the automobile safely, efficiently, and effectively.  The purpose is to provide driving skills for life. We provide a thirty-three hour classroom phase, a four hour Alive @ 25 class, and a six hour driving phase.

                    Our thirty-three hour classroom instructional phase uses the Drive Right text and NC Handbook. The class discussions and videos provide time for students to deal with driver behaviors such as reaction time, sight, effects alcohol and drugs, rules of the road, laws of physics, driving skills and attitudes.  Our class encourages parents to become involved with the program from the beginning with a mandatory Parent/Student meeting. 

                    North Carolina Guidelines require the Driver Education program to give instruction on the rights of the handicapped and the signs and symbols used to assist the handicapped, to spend six hours on the offense of driving while impaired and on how alcohol and drugs affect teen drivers, one hour on motorcycle awareness, and six hours of actual driving experience.

                    Our four-hour Alive at @ 25 Class developed by the National Safety Council stresses making our world safer through their defensive driving course. It is a personal look at the student’s life.  They do lessons on “Why students their age take so many risks,” “ How to take control whether they are the driver or  a passenger,” “ The consequences of making poor judgments or unnecessary risks in a car,”  and “Recognizing positive characteristics that will help you make wise driving choices,”  etc.           

                    Our instructional objectives for the six-hour automobile phase are to enable the students to prepare the car and its occupants for a safe and comfortable trip, to start the car, accelerate smoothly and safely, start car on an upgrade and down grade, maintain proper car position in required lanes, make safe turns, come to a normal safe stop, back up safely, prevent a skid, drive safely in urban area and open country, entering traffic without interfering with other vehicles, change lanes, approach an intersection safely, safely make right and left turns, negotiate hills and curves safely, perform a U-turn and three-point and two point turns, safely cross railroad crossings, drive safely during weather conditions that limit visibility and negotiate off-road recovery.

                    Because the automobile remains such an important component in our changing society, we encourage our youth to drive using quality standards.  Our teachers give each student excellent information on how to develop the knowledge, skills and the proper attitude to become a safe and responsible driver.