Frequently Asked Questions            


1.  Does it cost anything to take Driver Education in Johnston County?

               Yes, the student will pay $65 for Driver Education and $25 for Alive                  @ 25.

2.  How old must a student be before he/she can take Driver Education?

               The student must be 14 ½ years old by the first day of class.

3.  If a student goes to private school or is homeschooled, how do they take Driver Education?

Contact the Driver Education Lead teacher at the high school that is closest to their home. 

4.  Is a dropout eligible to take Driver Education?

               No, the student must be enrolled in a public, private, or home                          school.


5.  What items does a student take to the driver license office to obtain a Learner’s Permit?

                        Driver Education Certificate, Original Birth Certificate, Original                 Social Security Card, Driver Eligibility Certificate, and $20.00 in cash for the permit. 

6.  Where do students obtain a Driver Eligibility Certificate?

               The students attending Johnston County Schools will pick up the Eligibility Certificate after completing the Driving Phase from the designated person at the high school that they attend – usually in office. Non-Public students will obtain their Eligibility Certificates from the NC Div. of Non-Public Education, 530 N. Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC 27604-1198.  Phone:  919-733-4276.


7.  How long is the Driver Eligibility Certificate valid?

               30 days

8.  How long is a student required to drive on Learner’s Permit?

               1 year, unless the student turns 18 years old during that year.

9.  Can you get a license in North Carolina without taking Driver Education?

      When you become 18 years old, you can go to the DMV and obtain a license.  You do not have to take Driver Education.  

10.  What should you do if you lose your Driver Education Certificate?

A yellow copy of your certificate is on file in your permanent records at your school.  Contact the Lead Driver Ed Teacher at your school.